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Blue Coat extends security protection to network and users

Veronica C. Silva | May 8, 2012
Unified security solution closes 'security gap' in networks.

With more users connecting to the network, solutions provider Blue Coat recently introduced an integrated Web security solution that will not only protect the network but even the users.

Blue Coat Systems said the Unified Security solution addresses some of the recent challenges facing network managers, including providing access to users who want to connect from any device at any time and from anywhere.

Blue Coat said that with the "consumerisation" of IT, a "security gap" emerges, and traditional security solutions simply cannot handle the influx of users connecting to the network. For Blue Coat, protecting the network is as important as protecting the user connecting to the network. And this means securing any point of connection to the network, whether it is the headquarters, branch network or any remote location, regardless of whether the device is a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

"The growing adoption of mobile devices gives employees maximum access to the corporate network with little of the protection they get within the four walls of the enterprise. This fundamental transition requires enterprises to shift from securing the network to securing the user by extending corporate security and compliance policies to all devices accessing the network," said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of corporate and business development, Blue Coat Systems.

Threat protection

Daheb said the Blue Coat Unified Security solution seamlessly extends threat protection and policy control to users connecting to the network, thus eliminating any security gaps that can leave the network exposed to malware threats and data loss. 

Blue Coat's threat assessment report has earlier noted that among the most common threats to corporate networks are social networking channels. The Blue Coat 2012 Web Security Report revealed that "social networking was the third most popular attack vector in 2011, representing one in 16 malnet (malware network) attacks."

Blue Coat said its unified security solution delivers Global Threat Defense, Universal Policy and Unified Reporting capabilities to the extended enterprise.

Blue Coat's Global Threat Defense with the Blue Coat WebPulse collaborative defence is capable of monitoring real-time requests and ratings. WebPulse can identify new malicious threats and can block attacks at their source before they launch, Blue Coat said.

Enterprise policies

The Universal Policy can help enterprises develop global policies for individual users across all networks on all devices. With Universal Policy, the extended enterprise can set security, acceptable use, compliance and productivity policies depending on user situations and devices. 

The Unified Reporting capability allows network administrators to view all Web and user behaviour with a single "pane-of-glass" view. This allows network administrators to identify security risks and take action immediately.

Blue Coat said these three security capabilities are available to enterprises today.


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