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Data breaches on the rise as attacks get more complex

Hamish Barwick | April 24, 2014
There were 1361 confirmed data breaches reported worldwide in the first calendar quarter of 2014, up 119 per cent on the 621 breaches during the same period last year, according to Verizon.

"Considering how often assets go missing, encryption is as close to a no-brainer as it gets. While it won't affect the changes of an asset going missing, it can save a lot of financial and reputation damage," read the report.

Finally, there were 3937 Web application attacks reported during the quarter. These attacks occur when vulnerabilities in applications are exploited. Three out of four Web application attacks were attributed to activist groups such as Anonymous.

"They typically exploit some weakness in the application and then go to the press and say `Look what we have done,'" Sharpe said.

Organisations should patch their content management system (CMS) to try and stop these attacks, Sharpe said.

"If you're committed to an active platform such as WordPress, set up an automated patch process. If this isn't possible, develop one and stick to it. Consider switching to a static CMS. Instead of executing code to generate this content for every request, this will pre-generate pages and reduce the opportunity for exploits."


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