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Fujitsu to work with Israeli firm for security solutions

Veronica C. Silva | Jan. 18, 2012
In cooperation with Tel Aviv's ObserveIT, Fujitsu is offering security and monitoring solutions and services to the Hong Kong and Macau markets.

Japanese ICT provider Fujitsu is collaborating with Israel's ObserveIT to bring security and monitoring solutions to Hong Kong and Macau.

The partnership will combine Fujitsu's experience in the local market with ObserveIT's monitoring technologies that are good for private cloud implementations, and key industries, such as finance, utilities and transportation.

Fujitsu will be, in effect, ObserveIT's distributor in Hong Kong and Macau markets, which, according to Fujitsu, are showing a demand for security solutions beyond the traditional ID solution. As a provider of ICT support and services, Fujitsu will include ObserveIT's solutions in its offerings to its partners and customers in the Asian market.

The ObserveIT security solutions provide audits of user activity, including audit logs and video recordings to monitor the breaches in the system. ObserveIT said its User Activity Monitoring technologies can capture all user activities, even for those applications which do not produce their own internal logs.

ObserveIT said the data produced from the monitoring technologies can be used as legal evidence. The video capability also makes evidence presentation even less cumbersome. ObserveIT's video replay capability can also help avoid legal action.

Market demands

"For our customers' security needs in Hong Kong and Macau, we are constantly expanding our servers' computing solutions. We are pleased to collaborate with ObserveIT to help enterprises easily capture video recordings of user activity, and generate audit logs for all applications, users, protocols, environments and sessions. We bring ObserveIT's patent-pending video generation solutions to enable enterprises to analyse user activities videos while minimising the amount of storage needed and reducing the storage cost. This is an ideal security technology for diverse industries in Hong Kong and Macau with the need for legal system logins," said Rikiya Kano, general manager, marketing, Fujitsu Hong Kong.

ObserveIT said its partnership with Fujitsu allows it to integrate its security and monitoring software applications in Fujitsu servers.

"We designed the ObserveIT platform from the ground-up to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements, which allows ObserveIT to audit all protocols, without requiring architecture changes on your network. Through the solution, we provide a precise forensic investigation that shows exactly what the user did, whenever the need for it arises," said Avi Amos, CEO, ObserveIT.

The ObserveIT Xpress and ObserveIT Enterprise solutions are available locally today. The ObserveIT Xpress is free and designed for small office ad hoc server auditing, with up to five monitored Windows servers. ObserveIT Enterprise is for SME and Enterprise system auditing, including privileged user identification, historical playback, compliance reporting, policy messaging and full configuration, while supporting an unlimited number of Unix/Linux/Windows servers being monitored.


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