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Human error leading cause of data loss

Catalin Cosoi | Nov. 13, 2009
How can technology prevent data loss?

Maybe you wonder how data loss can be stopped in a time when job losses are common and even in better times, people move from job to job. The best way of securing intellectual property from being taken away is to delegate sensitive issues on a need-to-know basis. For instance, when talking about software companies, project managers should ensure that no team member gets full access to the complete source code of a product.

Attribution fragmentation is often the best practice in corporate environments. A good set of IT policies is also mandatory. System administrators should ensure that employees cannot sneak out company materials via removable drives (restricting access to network resources and computers USB ports could be the most inexpensive solution). Physical access to the building and any other log-in credentials should be disabled immediately upon termination and all passwords the terminated employee had knowledge of should be changed at once.

Catalin Cosoi is working for BitDefender, as a senior researcher in the anti-spam and anti-phishing laboratory (trying to find new ways to fight spam), but he is also very passionate about neural networks, brain models, pattern recognition and pattern extraction technologies, mathematics of neural systems and recently… search engines (working on one for his PhD project). 



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