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India orders parcel X-ray inspection systems

Zafar Anjum | April 10, 2012
American Science and Engineering receives order for 36 Gemini Parcel X-ray Inspection Systems to safeguard a high-threat commercial facility in India

India has ordered 36 Gemini parcel and baggage X-ray inspection systems to protect a high-threat commercial facility in India.

This has been revealed by American Science and Engineering, a worldwide supplier of innovative X-ray detection solutions.

The American company said in an announcement on 9 April that it has received orders for the Gemini 6040 and Gemini 100100 systems. These systems will be used to inspect parcels, baggage, and delivery goods at various checkpoints in the facility, which remains unnamed for security reasons.

The Gemini system combines two complementary technologies in one comprehensive system for enhanced detection of explosive threats, the company said in its statement.

"AS&E's Gemini systems will provide an effective solution to inspect small parcels and large packages entering the high profile facility in India," said Anthony Fabiano, AS&E's president and CEO. "The Gemini's unique multi-technology capability provides security officials with the most information about briefcases, packages, and parcels entering the facility with a comprehensive ability to detect both metallic and organic, explosive threats - even in cluttered environments."

The Gemini parcel inspection system is the lowest cost multi-technology parcel inspection system on the market and the only system to combine AS&E's Z Backscatter technology and dual-energy transmission, the company said.



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