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It's the phone, silly

Zafar Anjum | July 14, 2010
Singaporeans most concerned about losing their phones and contacts, says Gemalto

SINGAPORE, 14 JULY 2010 - What are Singaporeans most concerned about? Not the double dip recession or the world's state of insecurity.

According to a free advice site on digital security by security company Gemalto Singaporeans are most concerned about issues surrounding mobile phone communication.

They tend to search for advice on such matters as what to do should they lose their handphones and contacts, whether someone can listen into their calls or read sms from their mobile, said a Gemalto spokesperson.

Tips on mobile phones

According to the Gemalto site, Singaporeans seem to concentrate on the mobile tips much more than other visitors where the questions are more diverse on passport security, online shopping etc.

1. Lost my phone, what about my contacts?

2. What's the difference between a USIM and a SIM card?

3. Can someone listen into the calls or read the SMS from my mobile?

4. What is a 3G network?

5. What can I do if my mobile phone is stolen or lost?

This new website by Gemalto is dedicated to providing expert advice on Internet security, online payment, credit card fraud, mobile phone usage, identity theft and more.

Ask Gemalto is already a success in the United States and France. Now the security company is focusing on Asia. Tim Cawsey, branding director at Gemalto, said: Asia is one of the fastest-growing markets when it comes to buying online and embracing digital technology. It is therefore important that consumers understand the threats to their identity, personal data and online financial transactions. As our digital identity usage becomes more proliferate, we must safeguard ourselves more than ever.

Moving forward, there will be an increasing amount of focus articles as well as digital security tips for Asia, said a Gemalto source. In addition, consumers who have country-specific questions that they want to ask can submit their questions to the website. A Gemalto expert from the country will provide an answer.


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