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Next generation firewalls

Ross O. Storey | July 21, 2010
MIS Asia editor, Ross O. Storey, shared thoughts with Palo Alto Networks co-founder and chief architect, Yuming Mao, on the benefits and dangers of todays new openness and interactivity.

What strategies do you recommend to Asia Pacific enterprises to combat the new era of IT attacks, viruses, malware and the likes?

To ensure Asia Pacific enterprises can benefit from Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0 applications and social technologies, and yet mitigate the significant risks associated with them, network security teams should follow Gartners advice.  In Gartners research note, Defining the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Gartner recommends:

•    If you have not yet deployed network intrusion prevention, require NGFW capabilities of all vendors at your next firewall refresh point.

•    If you have deployed both network firewalls and network intrusion prevention, synchronise the refresh cycle for both technologies and migrate to NGFW capabilities.

•    If you use managed perimeter security services, look to move up to managed NGFW services at the next contract renewal.  

Is there anything else you'd like to add which you believe should be considered in our discussion?

I think these are good questions very top-of-mind for many organisations. So much so, we see lots of legacy security vendors using next-generation firewalls in their marketing for traditional security products. For us, it is a nice validation but marketing traditional products as next-generation doesnt make it so...


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