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Secure everything

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 30, 2010
The big chief of Check Point Software Technologies says we have to cover all the bases and get proactive on the information security front now, or else!

Also, both the operational model and the business model are pay as you go. You buy the infrastructure, you install the infrastructure and when you need them you can activate all the other functionalities, in a very simple way and at a very low cost. Thats the software blades architecture. The new Web 2.0 blade [Application Control Software Blade] were providing is a good example of that. We allow, later this year, every customer who has this system to enable the new application blade. Then theyll have granular control of not just 300-400 hundred applications, like we have today, but of 50,000 applications, which are sort of embedded within the bigger applications. Thats one example of something were launching.

Were also launching a new set of low-end appliances. Often, the big appliances are very sophisticated and companies feel that inexpensive appliances are somewhat limited. So we took our full enterprise architecture and enabled it in relatively entry-level appliances that every customer can have.

How do you see your new offerings in the context of the future of security appliances landscape in the next 12-24 months?
For many years weve been preaching the fact that for security you need a management sophistication software architecture. Some competitors of ours have been saying theyll just build you another network box that does security. I think over the last two or three years, weve been able to do both. We are now delivering all our software on our appliances. You can get them either on our servers or our appliances. And these appliances today preserve their full flexibility. You can get all the software functionalities and for the most part you can even do the management of that appliance.

If youre a midsized business or small business, you dont have to purchase your management infrastructure and secure gateway separately. It can all work on the same devices. You can upgrade them. So we dont tell you every year, or every two years, that you have to throw them out.

I think today most of our new sales are in security appliances. We do provide good products in this area. On the hardware side, we provide very good functionality and performance, and we provide them at very good price points. But we still maintain our focusthe main value is still in the software. What were able to provide the customer is something that is simple to implementwith access to full service and support from Check Pointand also the high flexibility and value to be expected of a good and robust software platform.

Do you have a professional services division that you intend to expand?
We have professional services but its relatively small. In a way thats inevitable because of our product philosophy: the product has to be easy to use and easy to implement. We have a combination of professional services and our channel partners all around the world100 percent of our sales are done with local partners. They are available to help the customers, advise them and configure their solutions for them.


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