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Secure everything

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 30, 2010
The big chief of Check Point Software Technologies says we have to cover all the bases and get proactive on the information security front now, or else!

But my goal when we develop a product is thats not needed. If I see a product and the installation takes a day or two and requires some expertise, which is very commonI mean most IT products are like thatI hate it. I wouldnt approve of it. Usually I say, A good product for us should be something that you can install without special knowledge, and that you can install in an hour or two.

Ill give you one example of what we do. This is something we do with the management team, with external audiences. We take a new product and we give an exercise to the entire management team: install it in an hour. And, today, we have done it with industry analysts when we brought them for an industry day. Thats unusual. Usually every company brings a lot of people to speak and do presentations. We took about one to two hours, and gave them an exercise: install an IPS product and fight some attacks using that product and see how it works.

Even today we have here a customer advisory forum with key CIOs and Chief Security Officers from the region and part of the day is spent on giving them hands-on exercises working with our products. These people are usually not configuring their own infrastructures but shoulder multiple responsibilities. But we want to see them being able to use our products.

I think thats a very, very important element in our product development and thats very important if you want to scale and if you want to get to many customers.

Are there any areas for which you see the greatest need for specific solutions right now?
We have customers at different stages. Take the IPS solution for example: we have a great set of values, and more and more customers are adopting them. Still, a relatively low percentage of customers are using that. Part of that, by the way, is the legacy of the entire IT industry, which has many users still used to detect mode, where you get a lot of alerts, a lot of warnings, but you actually dont get things blocked. Thats just creating more work.

A great part of our philosophy is not just detect but prevent, and thats growing in popularity.

The new DLP solution we just launched is another important area. Again, what were trying to do constantly is make the technology, which is often very complicated, easy for people to use, and get our customers to handle the management of their information security in prevent mode instead of detect mode.

Is getting customers to get out of detect mode incredibly difficult?
Not really. Last year, I had an interesting meeting with a customer of ours, who was very angry. He was actually a very loyal customer. He said, I want Web 2.0 application screening, and I want IPS, and I cant get it from you.


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