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Secure everything

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 30, 2010
The big chief of Check Point Software Technologies says we have to cover all the bases and get proactive on the information security front now, or else!

Overall this part of the world we have been growing, operating well, and I havent seen any huge challenges.

How are you going to grow your business in Singapore and Malaysia?
Ive just checked our numbers in Singapore. In the last two years we grew very well. Our business has more than doubled in Singapore and almost doubled in Malaysia. I dont have too much to complain about.

Singapore is one of the more technologically advanced countries around. They test a lot, and are similar from that perspective to Israel. Its a relatively small country but it does not just follow trends, it strives to grow its own enterprises. Actually, Singapore is even more like that.

This is not always typical of many small countries, which dont try to build their own big companies but try to follow others. Singapore tries to set its own standard, tries to build its own companies and not just try to follow big multinationals. And thats good from our standpoint because that means the companies here build their own infrastructure.

And Malaysia?
We are usually part of the infrastructure so whenever people are building infrastructure, whenever they want more Internet, we are usually there. In the last 10 years weve added more people to support Malaysia. And again the business model that we have is relatively straightforward. We have partners. We are building infrastructures. So whenever people do that, we usually have partners and we usually grow sales. That may be one of the reasons we pretty much, at least the first half of the year, pretty much doubled the business in Malaysia.

How should we approach security?
I think security will always be part of our lives. Whether we like it or dont like it. Its an important utility. Its an important part of our infrastructure. I think what companies need to learn is more and more the combination of how to augment it with the best technology but also the best practices. And I think security has to be the combination of both. Technology tools can give you the tools to do everything you want but if your users are not educated or you dont develop the right policies, then its not going to work. I think more and more companies are learning how to do that.

The other point is having to be more proactive rather than reactive in how we handle security. Its not enough to block things before they happen. Its not enough to chase the last attack that happened instead of developing your own net for the next two years. We need to get into the frame of mind that has us saying, My challenge is to be much more secure two years from now than I am today. Therefore, every six months Im going to implement a new process, a new system, and Ill handle the daily events as daily events but Ill focus on the long term strategy.


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