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Serious threats hidden from network administrators

Anuradha Shukla | Feb. 25, 2013
Threats result from risky online activities by employees and different techniques used by criminal hackers, says Checkpoint.

Most serious threats stayed hidden from network administrators in 2012, according to 2013 Security Report from Check Point Software.

These threats result from both risky online activities by employees and different techniques used by criminal hackers that make the network vulnerable to hackers.

Check Point Software advises organisations to be aware of and completely understand the activities occurring on their networks so that they develop a strong security blueprint.

Sixty-three percent of organisations were infected with bots in 2012 and more than half were infected with new malware at least once a day. Cyber attacks are expected to evolve this year and will impact organisations of all sizes.

"With clearer visibility, IT professionals can now better define a security blueprint to protect their organisations from the constant stream of evolving security threats, ranging from botnets, to employees using risky Web applications like anonymisers, to data loss," said Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point Software Technologies.

Increase in Web 2.0 applications

Hackers now have several options to break into corporate networks due to an increase in Web 2.0 applications.

Survey of about 900 companies show that more than half of the organisations had at least one potential data loss incident and 90 percent used applications with potential security risks.

Check Point's 2013 Security Report also indicates that corporate information is more accessible and transferable today and this has resulted in higher risk of data loss or leakage.

Readers of this report will also gain insight about the different types of sensitive data leaked and lost and the industries with the highest tendency towards data loss.

Check Point has also included in the report top threats and security recommendations on how to protect against these threats.

"Check Point's 2013 Security Report is a resounding call-to-action, providing unique insight into the magnitude and breadth of the current and emerging threat landscape," said Alberto Dosal, chairman of the board of Compuquip Technologies, one of South Florida's largest, fully integrated IT service providers. "It is truly an impressive and comprehensive must-read for any C-level executive."


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