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Singapore 12th top spam relaying country

Anuradha Shukla | July 19, 2013
China and India in Sophos Dirty Dozen list of spam relaying nations by population.

Singapore has been rated as the 12th top spam-relaying country by population in the newly released Dirty Dozen list by security solutions provider Sophos.

India and China are at the third and sixth places respectively in the top spam-relaying countries by volume list that covers the second quarter of 2013. US is at the first position and second place is taken by Belarus.

Sophos says it is obvious to see both India and China in the Dirty Dozed list as these nations are populated with more than a billion people and are experiencing an increasing demand for Internet access.

Although Singapore is now in the list Sophos points out that this does not mean the nation is replete with spam-related cyber criminality.

"Remember that the Dirty Dozen doesn't tell us from where the spam originates," said Paul Ducklin, Sophos security evangelist. "It tells us how spam gets relayed from the crooks to their potential victims.” 

Taking precautions

Countries can take a few timely and simple precautions to protect their people from hackers and malware attacks.

Steps such as timely security patching, keeping up-to-date anti-virus on systems and being careful about unwanted attachments and 'too good to be true' offers will protect everybody.

Users should be careful from phishing emails that lure innocent people into entering passwords into mock-ups of a real site; malware links that urge them to click and take to hacked websites; and malware deliveries that use false pretences to trick people into opening infected attachments.

Other factors to be wary from are identity theft that invites people to reply with personally identifiable information; and investment scams that talk up investment plans that are unregulated as well as completely fraudulent.

“Even if you're the most law-abiding citizen of the most law-abiding country in the world, you might be helping to project your own country into the Dirty Dozen if you don't take security seriously on your own computer,” said Ducklin. “It may sound corny, but security really does begin at home.” 


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