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Sourcefire upgrades security platform

Veronica C. Silva | July 2, 2013
Organisations can be more flexible and scalable in their IT planning.

Sourcefire recently announced that it has upgraded its cyber security platform to include features that will give organisations the flexibility and scalability to customise their network design.  

Sourcefire is touting its FirePOWER platform as the next-generation intrusion prevention system (IPS) and the next-generation firewall (NGFW). 

The FirePOWER 7000 and 8000 series security appliances now have modular connectivity options, particularly for the 7115 and 7125 appliance models. Aside from improved performance ranging from 50 Mbps to 40+ Gbps, the new appliances can connect to the existing network environment. This feature allows organisations to work with multiple network configurations using a single device and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO). 

For the 8000 series, Sourcefire is adding four new network modules for increased connectivity options and port density. 

The enhancements include support for IPv6, geolocation capabilities, simplified network address translation policy management, enhanced availability, and support for virtual private network (VPN) IPSec authentication and encryption. 

Improved protection 

Ammar Hindi, managing director, Asia Pacific, Sourcefire, said these recent enhancements can protect organisations “before, during and after an attack.” 

Hindi added that the FirePOWER platform is what the market needs these days as cyber threats become even more serious. 

“Organisations today consistently face a growing number of sophisticated, persistent threats to their corporate data, increasing the demand for flexible and scalable security solutions that can be customised to deliver the optimal protection for customers’ environments,” said Sourcefire’s Hindi. 

An industry analysis said Sourcefire’s appeal to the market is its ability to address both performance and security issues. 

“To address today's threats, network security platforms require advanced visibility and awareness into network interactions and applications, and even the ability to offer advanced malware protection,” said John Grady, research manager, Security Products, IDC. “The ability of Sourcefire's FirePOWER platform to deliver this functionality as part of either an IPS or NGFW, while maintaining high performance and threat prevention, makes FirePOWER a very capable platform.” 

NSS Labs, an information security research and advisory company, cited Sourcefire for its security effectiveness, performance and TCO. The firm also highly rated Sourcefire’s NGFW in its 2013 NGFW Security Value Map. 


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