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The next generation firewalls

Ross O. Storey | June 10, 2009
Fairfax Business Media Asia managing editor Ross O. Storey, spoke to Chris King, director, product marketing at Palo Alto Networks, about the need for the next generation firewall.

We have many customers in the region, unfortunately most are currently not published. For now, we can say YKK in Singapore is a customer and PSU University in Thailand.

Is there anything else you'd particularly like to add for potential inclusion in our article?

Palo Alto Networks was founded with a mission to provide customers with the innovation, performance, and cost savings theyve wanted for so long. We are excited about the success were having, even as a young company. We encourage you to watch us closely over the coming months and years.

Today the IT department can see that certain employees use a big amount of bandwidth but cannot tell what the bandwidth used for. There are two problems with that: some enterprise applications are as bandwidth-hungry as audio and video downloads. For example, online training applications and movie downloads will look the same and consume the same amount of traffic. With Palo Alto Networks, customers can distinguish between enterprise applications and unwanted applications.

Some bad applications are not necessarily consuming a lot of bandwidth. A user might be running a peer-to-peer (P2P) application without downloading anything but still this will allow anyone on the outside to grab a file from the network.

The bottom line is that a high amount of bandwidth use is not an indication of bad behaviour. Bad behaviour can occur with small amounts of traffic and good behaviour can consume high amounts of traffic. Only the Palo Alto Networks technology can accurately separate good and bad traffic.


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