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Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report: Highlights

F.Y. Teng | April 23, 2013
Last year's security landscape was "dominated" by large-scale financial cybercrime and state-affiliated espionage, say researchers.

According to the 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), announced on Tuesday (April 23, 2013) by its publisher Verizon Enterprise Solutions, "financially motivated cybercrime" and "state-affiliated espionage campaigns" took the top two spots for all breaches that occurred in 2012, with the former accounting for 75 percent of all breaches and the latter 20 percent.

The state-affiliated espionage campaigns category of breaches as defined in the DBIR "include cyberthreats aimed at stealing intellectual property-such as classified information, trade secrets and technical resources-to further national and economic interests," said executives at the global enterprise connectivity provider in their statement on Tuesday.

Other highlights of the report below.

* "Cybercrime victims in 2012 represented a wide range of industries from financial organisations (37 percent) to retailers and restaurants (24 percent)."

* "20 percent of network intrusion cases covered in the report involved the manufacturing, transportation and utilities industries, with the same percentage affecting information and professional services firms."

* "Hacking was the no. 1 way breaches occurred-factoring in 52 percent of data breaches; while 76 percent of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credentials such as usernames and passwords. 40 percent incorporated malware tactics and 35 percent involved physical attacks, such as ATM skimming. Additionally, phishing factored in 20 percent of cases in the report."

* "Breaches continue to go undiscovered for months or even, years. And in 69 percent of cases, third parties are the ones who detect a data breach."


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