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Welcome to 'Prison Earth'!

Zafar Anjum | Dec. 16, 2008
Is our quest for more security at the cost of our privacy?

Not just that. Governments are trying to impose blanket content filtering for all Web connections nowit is like fixing a bug in everyones internet connection. At the time of writing, lovers of democracy and freedom of speech are opposing a similar move by the Australian government.

There are more examples to show how we are losing or surrendering our privacy. The acceptance of biometrics is another case in point. True, it offers us convenience and speed but it is not corruption-proof. And it makes us traceable.

To fight terror, many governments are taking finger prints and DNA samples of travellers and citizens (some in the UK are fighting against it). In this process, we are all suspects until proven innocent.

Looking at the growing inverse relationship between privacy and security, one can see the human race walking into a no-privacy prison called earth. With the development of semantic search and artificial intelligence, next on the cards could be thought policing a la Minority Report.

Sorry to end the year on such a grim note but blame it on my watching films with dystopian themes such as Children of Men and Body of Lies. Happy holidays and see you next year!

Zafar Anjum is the online editor of MIS Asia portal. 


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